Integrating Google Adsense, Analytics Into a WordPress Site

Easy integration of Google Services with Google Site Kit plugin.

If you or someone you know need to integrate Adsense or Google Analytics to a WordPress website it has never been easier. Google has published a Site Kit plugin that integrates these services for you and keeps you up to date.

Add new plugins -> search for Site Kit by Google

By installing and activating the site kit you will be prompted to use your account. This should be the account that is tied to your AdSense and/or Google Analytics account.

Site Bar for the Site Kit

Google Analytics Integration

In order to be able to use Google Analytics with the provided plugin, you must have made an Analytics property that can collect data about the website.

If you have not done this, go to Admin, Create an account if you have not, and a property. Once you have a UA-XXXXXXXX property you are ready to integrate it into the plugin, so go to the Analytics tab and just press ok. You can also set up this property from the plugin.

Dashboard inside the Site Kite plugin for Analytics

Google AdSense Integration

Adsense integration has never been easier with Site Kit. Just add your Google Account to the plugin and allow access from the authorization window.

The Site Kit along with AdSense allows for Auto ad integration. These include Anchor Ads that stick to the top, sidebar ads, ads between posts, and others. When you preview your ads, you can browse the site how it would look with the ads, and if a placement does not satisfy you, remove it.

Automatic ad loading from Site Kit plugin

You can also reduce the number of ads served per user by going on the Ad Load section.

Ad load by AdSense.

Once you have configured all of your preferences, click “Apply to site” and it should be applied to your website.

If you get a notification of having to upload an “Ads.txt” file, take the one provided by AdSense and upload it to the root folder of WordPress, so you can access it by

The Site Kit plugin also allows for easier Search Console and PageSpeed Insights integration, so go check it out!

Connecting all Google Services with Google Site Kit.